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That Is How We Do It...

The vision of GITC is to create a state of the art, world-class business solution. The focus is now on the need current needs of an industries business process. Cutting the cost of production, management of its resources, produce quality products, and environment friendly solutions are main theme of the company.

Who we are...
Gehlot It Consultants (India) is a professionally managed consulting software engineering company with an extensive background in software development for industries in business, Indian Railways, sea ports, scientific applications, systems applications and government offices with customised software solutions.
What we do...
We provide turnkey solution is Web Based Systems, Client Server Systems, and Java Based Systems.
How we do It...
Matched by a dedicated team of software professionals committed to giving you total solutions. By looking into every aspect of computerization. Right from identifying and sourcing the hardware required, installing the operating system best suited to your needs, selecting and designing software that's custom-made for your company's needs to imparting hands-on training. At cost-effective terms.
What we use...
The leading international company providers training, consulting and development services in object-oriented technology like Java and C++,XML, EJB.

The company has a strong Consultancy and custom programming background in software, hardware and system design for Windows and other platforms.

Case tools has made it easy to understand the nformation flow from one corner to another. And that is how it has made easy to develope and manage software.

To manage large software solutions a complete GUI based solution.


A small company with strong determinations, knows what to do, when to and how to do.



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