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LGCT LG Software Development Case Tools

LGCT Distance calculation over Indian Railways Tracks

LGCT LG Embroidery Software Tools

LGCT LG IP Based Devices Test Tools

What is software development methodology?
What is shortest distance?
What is rationalisation scheme?
What is embroidery?
What is IP based devices testing?
First step in the software development is:
First step "Feasibility Study"

Our group of tallented profesionals use their experinces toward first step that is feasible study. They collect the requirements of the user their expectations, and arrive at conclusions about the project. With 5-10% deviation in the expectaion a document is prepared to do software development task.

Second step in the software development is:

First Definition Document (FDD) Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Class Structure Diagram (CSD)
System Design Document (SDD)  
Design Document (DD)  

Third step in the software development is:

Software Development
Prototyping Coding
Test Plans  

Fourth step in the software development is:

Alpha Version Beta Version
Production Version  

Fifth step in the software development is:

System Manuals User Manuals
Database Administrator Manuals  

Sixth step in the software development is:

Commissioning & Implementation
Hardware Installation Third Party Software Installation
Software Installation Software & Hardware Installation Report
Data Preparation Data Entry
Bugs Report Rectification of Bugs

Seventh step in the software development is:

Trial Runs
Run the system parallel to Manual system Chech the reports
Create Bugs Reports Rectification of Bugs

Eighth step in the software development is:

Final Runs
Initail the database for final runs Start the final operation
Create Bugs Report Rectification of Bugs Report

Ninth step in the software development is:

Warrantte is essential part of customer support.
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Shortest Distance
Shortest distance is computer from the sections on Indian Railways. This is achived by adding sections distances to reach the destination from source station.
Rationalisation Scheme
Railway board has laid down a policy for fast moving traffic. There are about 16 to 20 schems which governs the flow of traffic. These rules are changed by Railways board from time to time and is based on their observation on current traffic.
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Embroidery is creation of design on a piece of closth using thread stitching. This is used in our day to day cloths like, on caps, on your pockets.
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IP Based Devices
Any computer device which is accessed by IP(Internet Protocal) based adddress is called IP Based Device. To name few routes, switches, gateways, your home computer when connected to internet.
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