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LGCT LG Software Development Case Tools

LGCT Distance calculation over Indian Railways Tracks

LGCT LG Embroidery Software Tools

LGCT LG IP Based Devices Test Tools

Laxman Gehlot Case Tools
Laxman Gehlot Case Tools offers an advance set of integrated tools for application analysis and design. Its structured design methods can improve design quality and increase productivity threefold. LGCT supports a varity of database products, including Oracle, Rdb, SQLAnyWhere, as well as generic RDBMS (a super set of the supported RDBMSs). THE LGCT EDITORS LGCT features a complete set of integrated editors, enabling you to diagram and design with unparalleled speed and flexibility. All of the editors use the LGCT Central Dictionary.
Creation of DFD Creation of ERD
Creation of Classes A Complete System study Methodology
Distance Calcuation Over Indian Railways Tracks
Discal Distance between any two Stations over INDIAN RAILWAY. LDT Generates LOCAL DISTANCES of  any Station to all the Stations over a ZONE. JDT calculates distances of SECTION where Junction tations are given.

Implementation of RS Identify Routes which are restricted for GOODS and COACHING TRAFFIC i.e Implementation of Rationalisation Scheme and calculate distance of GOODS SECTION. It should also suggest alternate SHORTEST ROUTES.

INFLATED ROUTE Calculates the Inflated distances Section-Wise over INDIAN RAILWAYS.

General can intake New Stations and Sections to be opened in future and adjust all distances accordingly. It should Generate JUNCTION DISTANCE TABLES, LOCAL DISTANCE TABLES and PHAMPLETS accordingly
Train Route Train Specified Routes and Rationalised Routes for GOODS TRAFFIC

Shortest Distance Calculation Rationalised Route
Shortest Distance With Via Shortest Distance With Avoiding Line
Rationalised Route with Via
Embroidary Tools
Embroidary Management Embroidary Case Tools
Embroidery Designs Optimised Embroidery
IP Based Devices Test Tools
Network Management Devices Testing
Auto Discovery of Devices SNMP Protocol Testing
Telnet CLI Testing HTTP Protocol Testing

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