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We have executed many projects various industies like Indian Railways, sea port, phamciticals, networking, and many more.
On-line transaction processing (OLTP) is included in the system for payroll, job costing, performance indicators, general ledger, warehouse and property control, stock inventories, optimization of storage space allocation and credit control.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Applications includes Construction Planning, Cost Control and Scheduling, Monitoring and Updating, Financial and Economic Analysis, Resources Leveling, Procurement, Quality Assurance, Inspection and Testing, Commissioning,

Applications includes project implementation status reviews and management reports, computerized management for control and monitoring systems and computer support for project management tasks.

The scope of services offered includes identification of Information needs of the organization; development of system of information collection, processing and reporting; software development and implementation of the system.

Identification of information requirements is of paramount importance as this involves detailed discussions with the top management, study of management process and the organization structure.

Computerization of MIS requires that other organization system, i.e., Financial Information System, Materials Management, Personnel Management and Operations Management are computerized so that relevant information from them is extracted to develop Management Information.


The scope of services includes computerization of Personnel records, Training records, Establishment, Absence, Industrial relations, Manpower planning, Pension records, Selection and Recruitment, Compensation and benefits, Collective bargaining.


The Financial Information System consists of the four major subsystems:-

Payroll Accounting
Financial Accounting

Payroll Accounting: This system incorporates all features required for preparing monthly payroll, associated transfers to provident fund, income tax, other deductions and statutory reports.

Financial Accounting: This provides reports which cover all the 'Books of Accounts' that need to be maintained monthly on a routine basis. These includes: General Ledger, Personal Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Summary, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cost Accounting reports etc.

Budgeting System: For each sub account Vs overheads by department, anticipated and on hand work led by department, the likely expenditure to be incurred during the period is collected which forms the input. Company wise, department wise and product/project/service wise summaries indicating likely expenses and incomes are projected for the period under consideration. Periodic statements concerning the actual expenses and incomes compared to budged figures are prepared for monitoring and control purposes.

Costing System: The system develops cost estimates for the different products sold by the Company. This is desired from a Master recipe of the item showing labor, materials and utilities etc. required for producing, selling and servicing the product along with unit rate for each. The estimates thus prepared can be treated as standard costs. The actual expenses incurred on each expense head under each account can be compared with them with a view to revise these estimates and produce variance analysis reports and cost sheets for management action. Howe can develop any or all the subsystems described above. Our services includes requirements definition, systems analysis and design including outputs and inputs computer configuration, software development, user orientation, installation and handing over the system.


The computerized systems of stores accounting and inventory information covering all aspects of Materials Management can be developed by us. The specific requirement of our services may be for any or all of the following subsystems:

Purchase Order System: Purchase order states; Cash Requirements; Vendor Performance Evaluation.

Inventory System: Inventory states reports for different levels; ABC, slow moving/Non moving analysis, critical item states reports; Consumption reports by class of items, cost centers.

Stores Accounting: Priced Stores Ledger; Analysis of receipts, issues and transfers; Materials Requirement Planning; Setting up economic order quantities, maximum, minimum and other levels; Preparation of Bill of Materials; Preparation of Indents.


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