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IP Based Device Testing

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IP Based Devices Testing
Network Management
Computer network management is concept of managing the network through Telnet, SMNP, SSL, and so many other protocols.

Devices Testing
Device testing is performed using Telnet/CLI commands, or through SNMP, or through http in our product.

Auto Discovery of Devices
Our product detect the devices over the netwwork using CIMP protocol. Once a device is detected it is automatecally added to the database. Its IP address and it MAC address is also recorded in the database. In feature any person can connect to the detected device using IP address or its MAC address or IP plus port no.

SNMP Protocol Testing
Simple Network Management Protocol: Manages the devices using this protocol..

Telnet CLI Testing
Siplest of all and the default is Telnet CLI (Command line Interface). One opens a telnet session with the device type in the commands on the console. Commands are send to the device and device interns response to the command.

HTTP Protocol Testing
One uses browser and connect to the device as if he/she is connected to the web site. Device sends the output pages with urls and whole of the commands are send to the device like we use to browse the internet.


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